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PurchaseArtist:  Stray Cats
Title:    Rock This Town
Album: Sounds Of The Eighties, The Rolling Stone Collection, 1982-1983

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PurchaseArtist:  Police
Title:    Message In A Bottle
Album: Message In A Box, The Complete Recordings (CD 1)

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PurchaseArtist:  J. Geils Band
Title:    Centerfold
Album: Anthology (CD 2) Houseparty

PurchaseArtist:  John Waite
Title:    Missing You
Album: Sounds Of The Eighties, 1984

PurchaseArtist:  Spin Doctors
Title:    Two Princes
Album: Mobile Beat 7
PurchaseArtist:  Fleetwood Mac
Title:    Go Your Own Way
Album: Rumours (CD 1) (2004 Reissue)
PurchaseArtist:  Greg Kihn Band
Title:    The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'em)
Album: Sounds Of The Eighties, The Early '80s
PurchaseArtist:  Scandal
Title:    Goodbye To You
Album: Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture Box (Totally) (CD 3)
PurchaseArtist:  Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Title:    Blinded By The Light
Album: Sounds Of The Seventies, 1977

PurchaseArtist:  Bananarama
Title:    Cruel Summer
Album: The Greatest Hits Collection (Bananarama)

PurchaseArtist:  Prince
Title:    1999
Album: The Hits (CD 1)